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“The Charlotte Mason Companion,” by Karen Andreola February 7, 2008

I have been spending a lot of time lately reading about many different theories in regards to home schooling.  It is amazing how varied this gets.  There are professionals who support styles from un-schooling (the learning is child directed) to strict regiments like classical (following a schedule and covering all the bases.) 

 I am currently reading The Charlotte Mason Companion, by Karen Andreola.  There is actually a style of learning called Charlotte Mason.  The idea is based on the writings and teachings of a woman from the 1800’s who followed a particular set of ideas.  I have not learned them all yet, but some of what sticks in my memory are:  primarily learning from reading living books (non-fiction books written by an author who has a certain passion for the subject they are writing about), narration (having a child tell you in their own words their version of what they just read, or had read to them), and experiencing nature (keeping nature journals either written, drawn, or both).

I am leaning toward this style because I like the focus on reading.  I feel that reading is best mastered upon a habit of practicing it, and that much more learning can be accomplished if one has strong reading skills.  I also like the style of Charlotte Mason because it has such a hands on-like approach to learning.  I believe my children will connect much more readily to the subject of study if done in this fashion. 

I will post back later after I have read more the The Charlotte Mason Companion.


2 Responses to ““The Charlotte Mason Companion,” by Karen Andreola”

  1. motherathome Says:

    If you are seriously considering CM then consider these article that give another perspective of her style of teaching…I noticed your raising godly tomatoes article so therefore I thought you may in the interest of doing just that may want to read these articles about CM.


  2. morethanjustamom Says:

    Thank you motherathome for your comment. I opened the link and read the first page. I am always looking for other ideas and perspectives.

    I should note here that I am still reaching out for new ideas in teaching, especially since I am in the very beginning stages. I like a lot of the Charlotte Mason style, but that does not mean that I plan on following her to a tee. I guess you could say that I will probably be a bit eclectic in my teaching, as I also like the classical style. From CM, I mostly like her focus on Nature Studies, extensive reading, and narrating. I feel like teaching children the habit of reading for knowledge is a great one because anyone can learn this way. I also figure it will only help to improve their reading and communication skills.

    Thanks again for your input. I would love to hear more about your style.

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