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“Raising Godly Tomatoes”, by L. Elizabeth Krueger February 13, 2008

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I am still trying to figure out this parenting thing.  I am convinced now that there is no one way to do it.  I have read many books with discipline techniques and other advice.  Some of it seems to work with my children and others not so much.  I just recently started reading Raising Godly Tomatoes, by L. Elizabeth Krueger.

In her book, Krueger talks about a technique she calls “tomato staking.”  Tomato staking is keeping your children with you so you can encourage their behaviour and better train their hearts.  If tomatoes are not staked, they will grow along the ground wildly and rot in the mud.  She uses the analogy to compare what happens to our children if we do not actively participate in training their hearts to do the right thing.

 I have just cracked the cover open on this book, so I have much more reading to do.  I find that by reading one chapter and taking time to reflect on it before moving on to the next helps me first soak in the ideas that it presents.  My habits have to be changed first before I can then change those of my children.


3 Responses to ““Raising Godly Tomatoes”, by L. Elizabeth Krueger”

  1. Pearl Says:


  2. I hope you read more of this book, and realized what a bad book it is. I know Mrs. Krueger, and I grew up with her and her kids. We all were a part of the same fundamentalist cult that she and her children are still a part of, led by a man named Joe LaQuiere. He used emotional, spiritual and physical abuse to control his followers. Mrs. Krueger took some of his methods, softened them up a bit to make them more palatable, and is selling them as “good parenting advice”. It isn’t. My parents used these methods with me and with my siblings: they caused developmental delays with one of my brothers. Nearly all of my siblings today have great difficultly in making independent decisions. Two are seriously depressed and have been in and out of therapy for years. This kind of control-based parenting relies on shaming, pain aversion, and classic conditioning techniques that are absolutely inappropriate to use on children. It is damaging and harmful to children. It doesn’t allow children to develop in healthy ways, but stunts their emotional (and moral) growth. PLEASE do not recommend this book to anyone!

  3. Eileen Owers Says:

    I read most of this book on a website and I recall some of her anecdotes with a shudder. Don’t imagine this is Christian. It is an appalling twist of scripture and my heart goes out to the women and children under this regime of large families and the need to control them. DON’T do anything she recommends. Teach your toddlers with patience and by loving example and they will mature into gracious people. Pray for them and they will be open to God.

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