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2 My “getting back into shape” journey February 14, 2008

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I spent 20 minutes on my elliptical machine.  Yep, I finally got on that dreadful thing!  Actually, it wasn’t so dreadful.  I even enjoyed my time spent on it.  I found some music on-line and pumped it through the speakers in which are attached to my laptop.  I almost felt like I was at a dance party.  Okay, maybe not so much a dance party, but it was still more fun than I anticipated.

As for my consumption for the day, I did quite well.  I know I mentioned some of what I ate in the morning, but here is a full list…

-oatmeal with an apple for breakfast along with coffee- black;-)

-a few pieces of chicken (okay, they were nuggets, but onlya few), another apple, a banana, and WATER for lunch

-lastly, dinner was left over spaghetti with a home made pasta sauce and garlic sticks.  The content of dinner probably wasn’t the healthiest, but the key was portion size.  I had a realistic sized plate and I did not have seconds.  Oh, and I almost forgot, WATER to drink.

I feel that I did pretty good yesterday.  I can’t wait for the day when all these actions become habits in which I won’t have to put much thought and energy into creating.  Perhaps someday that will be my reality.


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