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3 My “getting back into shape” journey February 15, 2008

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I have decided that living a healthy life is not all that bad.  Of course, it has only been a couple of days, and I am sure there will be more testing times along the way.  I have been pleasantly surprised at how much easier it is than I thought it would be.  Maybe it is this writing about it on a daily basis that is helping me pay more attention.  It makes me feel more accountable for the decisions I make because I know I am going to write about my day.

Now that I have written about my feelings on how hard the journey feels, lets take a look at yesterday.  First the diet.

*breakfast- an apple and black coffee

*lunch- 1 grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup and an apple.  WATER, of course, to drink

*dinner- homemade pizza and WATER to drink

*junk- two homemade donuts, two Kalibers (non-alcoholic beer)

Now that I see my diet written out, I can better critique it.  Breakfast could have been improved by eating something more such as the bowl of oatmeal I had the previous morning.  Lunch was great!  I was careful to make my sandwich with only one piece of cheese and minimal butter.  I felt very satisfied after completing the meal with the apple.  Dinner wasa bit heavy, though.  I made a homemade pizza dough that was delicious, but I am sure it was laden with calories.  The pizza was also layered with pepperoni and bacon pieces.  On a positive note, I only ate two pieces and I did drink WATER along with the meal.  What I definitely should not have eaten were the donuts.  I was trying to make homemade donuts for my children to eat for desert and I hadto test them out.  They were awful, by the way 😦  The beers, well, I know I could have done without, but it is only an occasional thing.  Sometimes, when I get the rare privilege of watching a few of the TV shows I have recorded I also like to enjoy one (or two) of my fake beers.  I can justify the beer since it is only rarely.

Now for the exercise.

*I worked out my stomach muscles by kneading three batches of dough.

Okay, yes, the exercise category is sad.  I did not get on that machine.  By the time the evening came I was so dreadfully tired!  But, I woke up this morning with aching stomach muscles!  I did not realize at the time, but I was giving myself a very serious ab workout by kneading that dough.

In my reflection, I can see two things to improve from yesterday.  I need to eat a real breakfast.  I also need to just say noto the junk!  Exercise seems to be my hardest challenge.  I think about it everyday, and I believe that in due time I will get more in the habit.  With the weather being what it is I am trapped in the house.  I much prefer to be outdoors in which I get tonsmore exercise.


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