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Introduction to a new category- cooking February 20, 2008

Filed under: cooking — Amy @ 11:14 am

As the creation of this site has been in the making, I have been pondering different categories to write about.  I wish to keep this blog as a more personal journey in writing about the things that are of interest to me ,or things that are just part of my life whether I have interest in them or not.

Once such aspect of my life that I am still newly involved in but greatly enjoy is cooking.  I am trying hard to incorporate more healthy and whole foods into my family’s diet, and by doing so I have discovered that there is a whole other world out there for me.  So, for this category I plan to write about all of the new recipes that I try, and in turn reviewing them based on how successful I am in bringing the to the dinner table.  I completely welcome new ideas from others, so please feel free to share them here.


One Response to “Introduction to a new category- cooking”

  1. Hélène Says:

    I just discovered your blog. I like the design. Good luck!

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